BLYTHE RISE - Walney Island

Although Blythe Rise had been on the map for some-time property building did not take place until the end of the 1980's and early 90's when Leck Construction Ltd purchased the land for it's 'Solway Park Development'. The Solway Park Development was constructed over three phases, simply known as Phase 1, Phase 2 and Phase 3. Blythe Rise actually was to span phase 1 to the west of the street and phase 2 to the east.

When the houses in Blythe Rise were first offered for sale they were described as starter homes. Phase 1 prices were advertised as 36.950 for the basic package with further costs incurred for: fitted kitchen, decorating etc. By the time phase 2 was offered for sale starter prices had increased by 1000 to 37.950 for the two bedroom properties and 39.950 for three bedroom properties.

 blythe build 02.jpg (207543 bytes)    blythe build 03.jpg (220663 bytes)    blythe build 04.jpg (216562 bytes)    blythe build 05.jpg (197801 bytes)

The above pictures were taken in 1990 during construction.  'Phase one' on the west side of the street is just visible to the right of the picture. The pictures below show the east side of Blythe Rise with the residents now fully settled in and enjoying the Golden Jubilee celebrations of June 2002. To see a larger view click on the relevant thumbnail.

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