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Due to the ever increasing population of Walney-Island at the turn of the century a temporary structure was constructed for use as a school in 1905 on a site at Ocean Road, remaining in use until the 1940's, even though the permanent structure in the pictures below opened it's doors during 1917.  

D. Swarbrick - Walney-Island 2003

Ocean Road School as it once proudly stood, the senior school of many a Walney child. This above picture was taken during February of 1993.


D. Swarbrick - Walney-Island 2003

The Demolition crew begin their maneuvers


D. Swarbrick - Walney-Island 2003

First bites are taken from the roof above where the many headmasters who ruled the school would have administered to their duties.


D. Swarbrick - Walney-Island 2003

Then piece by piece, little by little yet more of the roof is taken away exposing the many memories that it would conceal for so many walney pupils over the years.


D. Swarbrick - Walney-Island 2003

As the remainder of the roof was removed the walls were to follow, the walls where 'Bob' would pin you to with a haymakers fork, a prong around each side of your neck.


D. Swarbrick - Walney-Island 2003

As the walls finally are raised to the ground all that is left are the scars in the ground where the once proud school stood.


D. Swarbrick - Walney-Island 2003

And by the end of March 1993, there it was, gone with only the memories remaining of those person/s who were fortunate enough to have attended...


? Mavis Barnett Maureen Allen Brenda Leece Patricia Woods Marcia Bayliffe Evelyn Robinson Kitty Hartley Rene Jackson Ann Camaish Ann Harrison
Ian Dixon Bill Thompson   Frank Turner Keith Duncan Alan Purcell Stuart Hird Stanley Casey Joe Lawson Graham (Nipper)Thompson John Raisbeck
    Ron Brayshaw   ? Wilson? John Pugh          
  Georgina Nicholson Edna Halton Veronica McQuillan Barbara Scott Ann Greenop Doreen Clamp Valerie Wynn Joyce Penny Joyce Richards  

The picture above I believe is possibly the class of 1956 and taken behind the rear of the school in the lower playground. Any information / spelling corrections that you may have on who's who etc would be gratefully received.












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