Although people mail me in relation to this site every day, every now and then people contact me with items and issues that really inspire me. On this page you will find a list of things that could once be done on Walney Island, but longer. If you have anything that you personally would like to see added to this page you can contact me using the link below. Has Walney changed much over the years?  It certainly has, and here are a few things  that one can no longer done on the island. 


  • Drink Cases, Thompson's Ales or Heath's pop

  • Read the Barrow News

  • Use the Loo opposite the Ferry Slipway.

  • See the sky lit up at night by slag tipping

  • Queue up for a film at the Walney Cinema

  • Enjoy an afternoon at the 'Walney' Fun Fair

  • Have a cup of Tea in Walney Pavilion

  • Buy a pot of tea on Walney for your picnic

  • Sail ones yacht in Biggar Bank yachting pool

  • Play in the Biggar Bank sandpit

  • Sit in any of the wind shelters on the Biggar Bank

  • Take a scheduled flight from Walney Airport

  • Have a swim in Walney Baths

  • Use the Loo on the Prom' opposite Saint Mary's Church.

  • See a liner launched in to Walney Channel

  • Take a Tram or a Corporation Bus

  • Buy stamps from North Scale Post Office

  • Get tadpoles from the 'Yellow House' on Mill Lane

  • Sit in the 'Glasshouse' on Biggar Bank

  • Visit the 'Salt Mines' or 'reservoirs' near Biggar Village

  • Get Petrol from McAdam's Garage

  • Get your shoes repaired at Gaskin's Cobblers

  • Have a drink at the New Inn at Biggar Village

  • Ride on a Corporation Double-Decker Bus

  • Walk on the aerodrome taxiways when ever you want.

  • Buy single cigarettes and matches from Duggie Dales!

  • Use the public loo at the bottom of Sandy Gap Lane.

  • Slide down the "big" slide in Vickerstown Park and land in the puddle of mud at the bottom (Used to be located on Central Drive side).

  • Play in the park at the back of the Amphritrite St Co-Op.

  • Play tennis or putting at Vickerstown Park.

  • Buy fish and chips from Powerful St or Gatacre St chippies.

  • Get your shopping from Powerful St Co-Op.

  • Get medicine from the chemist on Powerful St.

  • Buy your wool and knitting items from Powerful St wool shop.

  • Dig your discharged bullets from the sand beneath the aerodromes 'Red Walls'

  • Get milk from the back of John Bells house on Powerful Street and leave a note to say you took it! Talk about trusting times!!

  • Check out the views from a periscope sited in the Periscope Public House on Mill Lane.

  • Buy chips from the Vickerstown chippie overlooking Walney Park

  • Buy chips from the wooden chippie in Dominion Street

  • Go to the chapel in Teasdale Road

  • Buy sweets from the shop on Central Drive / Black Butts Lane opposite Walney School

  • Hear Bob Redhead shouting in Ocean Road / Sandy Gap School

  • Watch the bonfire on the site behind Bankfield Gardens

  • Visit North End Farm

  • See three hangers on the aerodrome

  • Visit the 'Old Well' or 'Summer House' on which now stands the Chapel Field development.





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